Dubai to open 10 New Museums by 2015

Dubai Municipality senior official said that you must get all set to acknowledge 10 new museums in Dubai by 2015. At present, the city has 12 museums that include the Dubai Museum, the Shaikh Saeed Al Maktoum House, the Al Ahmadiya School, the Heritage House, the Camel & Horse Museums and the Traditional Architecture Museum.

In an interview, Rashad Mohammed Bukhash, the Director of Architectural Heritage Department of Dubai said that the city will host at least a new museum in the end of December 2011. The museum will be dedicated to Emirati poet (Mubarak) Al Aqaili (1880-1954). It will be built in his old house situated at Al Ras in Deira.

The museum will be a tribute to Al Aqali, one of the leading inspirations of Emirati literature belonging to 20th century whose famous works of art mainly include classical Arabic poetry.

Bukhash said that the museum’s exterior has been renovated, although the interior will complete soon. The museum will include poet’s works, photos and other memorabilia, which will highlight many things about poet’s life and his artistic skills. It will attract much of Arab’s interests who are particularly interested in literature.

Rashad Mohammed Bukhash exclaimed that another museum will depict the history of traditional Emirati dresses and their significance. This museum will display different clothes related to 1900s. It will include types of dresses worn by men, women and children in past. One of the great advantages of this museum is that you will come to know about varieties of fabrics and clothes mainly imported from India and Pakistan as well as used by previous generations. The traditional clothes museum will provide an opportunity to figure out alterations in an Emirate’s dressing style over the decades. However, the museum is expected to complete in 2012.

The rest of new museums will be characterised by the city’s traditional perfumes and many other things associated with the lives of Emirates.

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