Respectful clothing in Dubai and UAE

Dubai malls join the anti-indecency campaign, inviting expats to respect the dress code of Dubai and UAE: even though international commercial hub, Dubai is however a Muslim country, with its rules and code. Visiting shopping malls, till some times ago, it was quite easy to meet people wearing shorts or mini-skirts: actually you can be stopped by a secuirty guard, handing you a brochure on how to dress appropriately and inviting you to cover knees and shoulders, as well as disciplined by anti-indecency campaign.

Najla Al Awadi, Federal National Council member, Deputy CEO of Dubai Media Inc and General Manager of Dubai One TV, says “I don’t want to generalise and say that all expats behave in that inappropriate way. However, certainly many expats who come to our country are either notaware of our cultural norms or are just not respectful and choose to behave in any way thay want to..”

That’s why the need of anti-indecency campaign with brochures, signs and security guards that remind to visitors what is and what is not acceptble in the country.

So I do suggest you, when preparing your luggage before going to Dubai, to remind the dress code of the country.

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