Arabian Travel Market – Kaleidoscope of Opportunities


Travelling is a perfect medium to relax mind and soul. It is a mind-blowing experience where one interacts with many cultures and communities. Visiting in Dubai becomes more enthralling when you get a chance to attend the Arabian Travel Market. Up-growing travel and tourism industry has brought many opportunities in such a wonderful emirate of the UAE. The event has unlocked several doors for inbound and outbound tourism professionals.

Such a marvelous event offers ample chances to explore around +2000 products from over 70 destinations. Many visitors get an opportunity to attend notable seminars, workshops, and debates at a single place. It is a big platform where you will come to know about various up-to-date industry announcements. A Lucky of the luckiest will get a chance to acknowledge live launches. The event includes numerous features such as high impact stands and presentations, broad plan in challenging economic times as well as unlocks business potential in the region.

Get ready to explore well-known exhibitors offering various breathtaking tourism attractions, accommodation options, and new airline routes. The event provides a great podium to an exhibitor who wants to display its business. It is a wonderful option where you will find various companies on a single floor.

Pack your bags to attend such an amazing event organized by the Reed Travel Exhibitors at the Dubai International Exhibition & Convection Centre. Cross the Calendar on 2-5 May 2011 so that you do not forget to visit.

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