Dubai welcomes Hydropolis Undersea Resort: the first underwater hotel at the world

We approach Dubai, get a taxi, reach the hotel.. mmm the lobby is very luxury.. Ok that’s nothing strange; we are in Dubai, here luxury is the rule. But there is something real amazing: we are 20 meters under the sea level!

Yes.. you understood well: last frontier of  technology & extravagant building gave us the first underwater hotel at the world..

We are talking about Hydropolis Undersea Resort, whose location can take our breath away.. as big as London’s Hyde Park and costed 490 mil  USD.


To reach Hydropolis Undersea Resort you have to take a shuttle starting from Jumeirah Beach; the shuttle carries the guests from dry land to the great lobby, through a 515-meters-long underwater tunnel. You can just see a first advantage… no taxi queue to go out in the evening..!

Hydropolis Undersea Resort has two domes: one is a concert auditorium, the other one a ball-room with a reactable roof, allowing guests to enjoy Dubai, its coast and its skyline.

This building confirm the passion of Dubai for aquarium, as just written in other posts in this blog.


At the Hydropolis Underwater Resort there are 220 available suite, made with plexiglass bubble, allowing guests to admire submarine panorama.  One night at Hydropolis Undersea Resort will cost more or less $ 5.500.. we can still talk about crisis?

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